It has taken more than half a year since Apple released its first trial version of this music player for browsers, but finally, the company has just announced the removal of this beta tag, extending the availability of Apple Music Web to everyone. Subscribers, regardless of the operating system you use and even the platform from which you connect.

In this way, Apple manages to position itself even more against its main competitor, Spotify, after the elimination and dismissal of the classic iTunes, currently replaced by three applications dedicated exclusively to each of the music, podcasts, and TV sections.

However, although Apple Music Web can finally be considered a complete service, we continue to find some limitations in its use compared to the application, one of the simplest examples being the impossibility of making downloads to listen to music offline. Something undoubtedly driven by the very nature of this tool, oriented for use on computers, and not so much on roaming devices.

Thus, the rest of the functionalities will be available, with full access to the more than 60 million songs in its catalog, the synchronized lyrics, the exclusive content about artists, the radio stations, and all the functionalities of the profiles of Apple Music, with which we can create and share our lists with the rest of iCloud users and friends.

Currently, we can subscribe to this service from 9.99 euros of its monthly rate, with offers and reduced prices such as the student rate or the family plan, which will reduce its price to 4.99 or 2.49 euros per month, respectively. In addition, Apple Music is currently offering a free seven-day trial, as well as an offer for new users, with which we will have access to all content for free for the first three months.

Find album covers

iTunes is usually quite efficient at finding the covers, but if you want no one to be left without that essential part of the album, you have two options:

Tell him to search again

Right-click on the album that has no cover art and selects Get Album Artwork. In my experience, iTunes is more successful in getting the covers of the most popular albums, but it also surprises you by finding less conventional things, so it is worth checking this option first, and it takes only a few seconds to know if it has it or not.

Do the same

Go to the browser of your choice and look for the cover. Right-click and select Get Info, in the Info tab, you will see that the part that the box that says Artwork will be empty and all you have to do is drag the photo from your browser to the Artwork box. You can also save the image and double-click Artwork to upload the local file that is on your computer.