Western Lows – Grapevine by Western Lows



  1. Grapevine

Released September 9th, 2013

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Highline Records is proud to present Grapevine – the first single from Western Lows’ debut album Glacial. Featuring reverb-laden vocals and urgent percussion, the track serves as a haunting, miminal introduction to the band’s blend of hazy sonics and pop hooks.
Western Lows came into being over the course of 2011– a year that found Jack Burnside (ex-Mezzanine Owls) at loose ends, gradually assembling the material that would make up Western Lows’ debut album. 2012 saw Burnside travel from Los Angeles to Athens, GA to record with Andy LeMaster (Now It’s Overhead, REM, Azure Ray) at Chase Park Transduction.
With LeMaster on board as bassist, producer and co-conspirator, half-solid ideas gradually began to assume a concrete shape. Glacial’s ten songs burn, flicker, and fade in their own light, cutting a path that flows and eddies, marrying hushed vocals with barbed-wire guitars and widescreen washes of sound.
Now featuring a lineup rounded out by Julien Bellin and Michael Orendy, Western Lows will release Glacial in the UK and Europe via Highline Records on September 9th.