Tim Ten Yen – Everything Beautiful Reminds Me Of You by Tim Ten Yen



  1. Girl Number One
  2. M.O.R.
  3. When The Song Applies To You
  4. Move With The Wildpalms
  5. The Bear and the Fox
  6. Radio Nowhere
  7. Sea Anemone
  8. Something Sinister
  9. Runaround Getaround
  10. Mountain Country
  11. Your Love

Released June 26th, 2013

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Highline is excited to make Tim Ten Yen’s brilliant debut album available online again! The reissue coincides with our signing Mr.Yen’s publishing, and we’re so happy to have him in the Highline family. Grab your very own copy of the album here.

Tim’s a one-man poptastic broken beta male rollercoaster car stuck upside down on the corkscrew section, hanging on for dear life waiting for the Female Fire Brigade to arrive and rescue him.

Tim Ten Yen is the ultimate, nay the only fully-operational conduit of quality, super-sonically fast-food music, served with a nervous smile! Girls, women, ladies, bears, foxes, cats, dogs – he has INCREDIBLE SONGS about them all.

Tim’s been all around the world with his music, including Iceland, Germany, Denmark and Wales. He couldn’t find Lisa Stansfield’s baby either, and just like Lisa, underneath the euphoria there is a depth that only a soul who has stared into the abyss can fathom.

Tim stares into said abyss, though rather than seeing blackness, light shines back forming 10 words in capitals as bright as flashing red ‘Danger – do not press’ buttons: