Still Flyin’ / On a Bedroom Wall by Still Flyin'

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  1. Elsie Dormer
  2. Travelin' Man
  3. Big Trouble in Little Alabama
  4. Spirits
  5. Cleat Talking
  6. Surrender to Me
  7. Camouflage Detection
  8. Take These Streets
  9. Candlemaker
  10. Jacket in July

Released May 21st, 2012

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On a Bedroom Wall sees the band returning with a streamlined live setup to bring a tight new sound to their production and songcraft, mixed with a healthy dose of ingenuity and fun. Following on from the 80s influence and synth-tastic Neu Ideas releases, Still Flyin’ have once again upped their game, mixing hook-heavy melodies with signature choral harmonies and roto-toms aplenty.

The album’s lead single, Travelinʼ Man layers 80s pop synths with longing and melancholy so profound itʼs sure to send shivers up your spine. The song speaks of the fraught dichotomy between wanderlust and domesticity – a regular experience for most touring musicians, but a sentiment beautifully stated here.

Spirits is a fun romp that nods to the band’s 2009 antic-filled debut, Never Gonna Touch the Ground, mixing the slightly creepy pleas of a lonely ghost trying to get a girl to die and join his haunting escapades with irrepressible guitar hooks. Cleat Talking is an addictively catchy gem with singalong choruses proclaiming that you don’t have to be the smartest man on earth to have a good time – a sentiment we can all get on board with.

Perhaps the album’s nostalgic apex, Surrender to Me longs for the romantic urgency of youth, framed with 80s synths and dance grooves. Take These Streets revels in the small joys of the everyday such as walking around familiar streets, taking wrong turns and trying to get lost, highlighted by handclaps and a drumbeat worthy of Dancing in the Dark-era Springsteen.

The album was recorded by Haima Marriott of Architecture in Helsinki fame and mixed by Wyatt Cusick who’s worked extensively with Love is All. In keeping with the classic production values at the heart of the album’s ethos, the album was mastered at Masterdisk in NYC by Scott Hull (Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Yuka Honda, Sting).

“”You’ll sway from side to side and do a little dance”  – Q Magazine