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  1. Correatown - Christmas Time is Here
  2. Skiffle and the Piffles - Just Because It's Christmas
  3. Piney Gir - Every Day's a Holiday
  4. Glam Chops - Countdown to Christmas
  5. Baubles - The New Going Out
  6. Alphabet Backwards - Dearest Santa
  7. The Real Tuesday Weld - Song of December
  8. Monnone Alone - Everywhere At Once
  9. Still Flyin' - St Veit
  10. The Birthday Kiss - Sentimental Christmastime
  11. Little Kicks - Santa Claus is Not a Number
  12. Russell (El Disastre) -Christmas Day (Time to Let You Go)
  13. The Werewandas - I Love You Santa Claus
  14. Hunks & Friends - The Magic of Christmas
  15. Alexander's Festival Hall - Present and Correct

Released December 5th, 2012

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Highline Records is proud to present Festivus, a compilation of bona fide original Christmas classics-in-waiting, featuring a host of luminaries from the Highline roster and our friends including Piney Gir, Glam Chops (Art Brut’s Eddie Argos), Still Flyin’, Correatown, Alphabet Backwards, Monnone Alone (Mark Monnone of the Lucksmiths) and The Real Tuesday Weld.

From glam rock to indie pop, Festivus is jam-packed with future holiday favorites. Why not leave a copy out for Santa with his milk and cookies, stuff the stockings with copies or give one  to yourself, for you’ve been very good this year!