Correatown – Longshot by Correatown

correatown longshot small


  1. Longshot
  2. Every Hour, Every Day

Released 25/09/2015

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Highline is proud to present Longshot the first single from Correatown’s forthcoming album Embrace the Fuzzy Unknown. Longshot muses on the conundrum of love versus lucre in creative life. She sings, “Is it better than nothing if I’m hardly paid? Friends all think that I’ve got it made.”  The song’s joyful ebullience contrasts the weight of its message, and builds momentum like a rally cry for conflicted dreamers in a world of endless possibility and limited fortune. The single is backed by the hauntingly beautiful Every Hour, Every Day.

Longshot will be available online September 25th, in advance of Embrace the Fuzzy Unknown, out November 27th.