Correatown – Further by Correatown

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  1. Further
  2. Meridians


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Highline is pleased to announce Further – the lead single from Correatown’s forthcoming album Pleiades.

Further sets the tone with it’s tinkling piano intro and spacious drums building to a euphoric chorus. Evoking thesun-kissed warmth of LA, the song’s sense of optimism is effervescent, and evocative of panoramic blues skies and endless scenery whizzing past car windows.

B-side Meridians is an another uplifting slice of pop craft, blending punchy hooks with rising vocals and more than enough synth fuzz to keep you smiling.

Correatown’s full-length album Pleiades will be available on August 27th in the UK and Europe, and October 16th in the USA.