British Explorer EP by Alphabet Backwards

british explorer EP cover artwork for tunecore


  1. Big Top
  2. Tonight
  3. Taller

Released 28 November, 2011

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“Radio – friendly, but not at all vacuous” –

Oxford five piece Alphabet Backwards have all that is required to become a mainstream success: bundles of energy, good looks and most importantly fantastic ‘pop’ tunes. –

A good dose of pop for all your ears –

Alphabet Backwards’ ethos is simple: to champion the noble art of Pop music, dancing all the way. This is no more clearer than in lead single Taller, which in the words of frontman James Hitchman ‘is about seeing an ex-girlfriend on the street with her new boyfriend, feeling belittled about it and wondering if she still misses you, prefers you to the new boyfriend and wants you back’.