The words you speak often get deposited in the minds of your babies. Even if your baby makes any mistake, positively tell her. For example, if she ate all the cookies or spoilt all the milk by pouring the container, tell her politely that the family will not have enough cookies or milk to drink for the whole day. Please do not yell at them and speak harsh words to them.

  • Panicking over small issues and shouting at them: They are babies on a Baby Journey, and you are the grown-up adult. It is common that they go out of their limits and cause constant tension for us. It is their time of growth, and they start exploring things. This is the right time to teach them about things to do and not.  
  • Say No to certain things: If your child keeps asking for more toys, say ‘NO.’ They have to know that only certain things can be bought by asking their parents. You should not give them the mindset of giving everything the baby asks for.
  • Fighting with your spouse: This is the most important reason for making your child grow with the worst behavior and mentality. If you are fighting with your spouse in the presence of your baby, they can observe your emotions very easily. If you do this more often, you are growing your child to be an anxious, non-loving, and depressed kid.


A word for the parents

If you will be a parent for the first time, it is certainly a difficult time as you might be experiencing mixed emotions. The constant switch from ecstasy to anxiety to nervousness must be troubling you. People around you must be full of advice, and you must be very confused about how and where to begin.

You do not become a print after the baby is born, but you become a parent as soon as you get pregnant. This is to say that your responsibilities will not start after the baby’s birth, so do not sit back. You must make sure to take care of the baby and take care of each other as a couple. Surely, things are more difficult for a mother as her body goes through a series of physical, mental, emotional, and psychological changes. Still, it is not that easy for a father too.  

The responsibilities

As a responsible father, it becomes your responsibility to take care of your partner and the baby at the same time. Catering to all the mother’s needs and giving her all the necessary support is expected from you.

However, in addition to the physical and emotional aspects, the financial aspect must be addressed too. The couple needs to plan the baby before you try for it. Planning the baby ensures that you will secure a better future for the baby and yourself and your partner. Before you plan to bring a new life in this world, you must have enough financial resources to cater to the baby’s basic needs.