Western Lows Debut Glacial Out Now in The UK + Europe!

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September 18, 2013

We’re excited to announce that the brilliant debut album Glacial from LA’s Western Lows is now available online and in shiny round discs from your favorite local music store.

Recorded by REM veteran producer Andy LeMaster in Athens, Georgia, Jack Burnside’s stunning trio produces hazy, shoegazey indie rock that soars through the sonic spectrum and smoulders like a dying cigarette. You can get your own copy Amazon, itunes or your local indie record store.

“Brooding with the ache you barely feel nuzzling its way into your hearts shadow…This made me catch my breath when I first heard it” –¬†Drowned in Sound

“Orange-sky guitars with late night cruise bass and percussion – the perfect sound for gloaming” –¬†Stereogum