Ralfe Band Announce Album with New Single “Come On Go Wild”

Oly Leaning websize

February 18, 2013

We’re delighted to announce the return of Ralfe Band with the brand new single Come On Go Wild.

The song is a tantalising taster of the new album Son Be Wise – a collection of 12 songs following Ralfe Band’s acclaimed soundtrack and album to the film Bunny and the Bull (Warp Films). It’s a very welcome return for one of England’s most singular artists.

Come On Go Wild dances its way through an infectious bossa nova rhythm and is imbued with the unmistakably eccentric Ralfe Band sound.The song is a surreal fable of entangled dreams of freedom and the music is rampantly joyful. On penning the song Oly Ralfe writes, “I wanted to cheer myself up with a fun song. It came to me while jamming to an old 80s drum machine, and it made me laugh whenever I played it.  I’m into Jonathan Richman, Os Mutantes and African guitar music like Ali Farka Touré, and Éthiopiques which is amazing. I think maybe those influences can be heard here.” 

Come On Go Wild is backed with the exclusive track Horse To The Hinterland, a madcap instrumental that’s sure to delight Ralfe Band fans old and new. The single is released on 8th April for download with artwork by Oly Ralfe himself.

Ralfe Band will play an intimate single launch show on April 9th at the Vortex in London, where they will perform an exclusive preview of the new album in its entirety.

Have a listen to the track here: